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Professional Golf Instruction since 1996 - Students will learn all aspects of the golf swing through innovative swing mechanics and teaching methodology. My goal is to keep the lesson plan as simple and uncomplicated as possible, while having the player understand the key elements that take place during the swing. Swinging on plane and making center face contact is the secret to compressing a golf ball. An easy to understand geometry lesson on the swing arc will help clear up alot of questions. Pressure points in the handsarms and lower body are also key to the leverage and power most golfers seek. Never underestimate the power of the short game. Controlling your game from 100 yards in is where you achieve lower scores. I will cover every possible shot from basic chipping to the high lob that stops on a dime. All this will allow you a much better chance of taking your game to the next level. Every aspect of the game will be covered including:


Lesson Fees 

Call Golf 23 for lesson fees 973-839-2938.....I DO NOT take payment for golf lessons.
All fees are paid DIRECTLY to the range!

To schedule your Golf 23 lesson contact ME at 973-519-7183 (Cell number).

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Bud offers golf lessons in Passaic County NJ. He also offers golf lessons in Morris County NJ. Anyone interested in golf lessons in Passaic County NJ or golf lessons in Morris County NJ can contact Bud through his website. Bud has been giving golf lessons in Passaic County NJ for the last 18 years. He has also offered golf lessons in Morris County NJ for the last 18 years. I have also conducted golf lessons in Wayne NJ. Bud has been teaching at Golf 23 Range for the last 4 seasons. Golf 23 Range is located in Pompton Plains NJ.