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Private golf lessons are available upon request. Private/semi private lessons are taught by certified teaching professional Bud Menger. Bud was fully certified by the United States Golf Teachers Federation in the summer of 1996, passing all phases of testing including an on course PAT (Playing Ability Test) at Penn National Golf Club in Fayetteville, PA. Bud is currently teaching  at Golf 23 Range in Pompton Plains, NJ (2011 - present). Bud was also Head Golf Instructor for Superdome Sports in Waldwick, NJ (2010), one of the golf directors for TGA of Bergen County (2009), Head Golf Instructor at MVP Triple Sports Academy in Hawthorne, NJ (2007-2008), and a member of the teaching staff at National Golfworx Golf Center in Pompton Plains, NJ (1999-2000). Bud has played in multiple USGTF events including "The United States Golf Teachers Cup" held in PA, and several USGTF mini tour events at Turf Valley Golf Club in Maryland, Penn National Golf Club in PA, and member tournaments held in St. Augustine, FL.


Bud was simply fantastic. He offers real clear and simple directives that had an immediate impact on my swing. His approach to the game and to best enjoy it made perfect sense to me. Bud is friendly and upbeat, just a real enjoyable guy to work with. I had just 1 session with him and he gave me a great deal to work on and think about. I'll certainly continue to work with him moving forward. Can't recommend him enough! Thanks Bud :)

Dan Goldsmith 2017    (Yelp)

I can't recommend Bud enough to struggling or up-and-coming golfers who have trouble sorting out their swings. Bud is not big on gadgets and gimmicks, and he does a good job at simplifying the game, and getting you to focus on just a couple of important rules that can improve your game exponentially. His prices are affordable and he is generous with his time. He has helped me tremendously and gotten me excited about the game again. Highly recommended.

Tom Ciampi 2015     (Yelp)

Bud is a wonderful golf teacher, but a terrible businessman. He hasn't seemed to figure out that if he fixes people's golf swings, they don't need to come back for more lessons. Bud is a natural teacher with a great feel for the keys and fundamentals to the golf swing. He communicates these concepts in a straightforward way without overcomplicating things. His simple approach focuses on the geometry of the golf swing while working with your natural body style and tendencies. In short, I'd highly recommend him as a golf teacher, but would never go into business with him.

Tim Walsh 2014     (Yelp)

Today I had a great lesson with Bud. He make it so simple. Nothing intimidating. Instantly I was correcting major issues I had with my ball striking. I was zipping it straight, long and consistently with just some easy instruction. So many times golf teachers complicate things - not Bud. He wasn't making me do all kinds of tricks with gadgets that only confuse you. Can't wait to get back soon and work on my short game. Highly recommend working with him, it will transform your understanding of the game.

Bill Ross 2014     (Yelp)

After 35 years of futility, Bud Menger has unlocked the mystery of the golf swing for me. He has an awesome understanding of all phases of the game of golf. I have taken golf lessons from others, but no one has been able to help me to achieve the level of improvement that I have experienced with Bud. He is truly a golf expert, and does it at rates that are not only reasonable, but are, in fact, provides a great value. I would recommend Bud to anyone who wants to immediately improve any facet of his or her golf game. Bud is great with kids, too! 

 Vincent Long, MST, MBA, CPA Dynamic and Strategic Global Tax Executive and Director 2012     (LinkedIn)

I am 58 yrs old with a pacemaker. I had never played golf before but my son does so he got me interested. Something him and I can do together. When I started in taking lessons with Bud in June I was hitting balls all over the place. With each lesson he improved my position, swing and technique. I can now hit the ball well and accurate and now feel I will not be embaressed on the course. I will be playing my first game this week . I recommend him highly. He is very knowledgeable, patient and a nice guy. His lessons are normally 1/2 hour but if he is not busy he spends up to an hour with you. If you really want to learn take a lesson with Bud.

Warren Phillips 2011     (Yahoo)

Bud is a great teacher! After a few lessons i was able to take 10 strokes off my score. Bud knows everything there is to know about the golf swing, he is passionate and loves what he does.

Mike Schulman 2013     (YP.com)

I found Bud on the internet and I decided to take some lessons from him. I had zero prior golfing experience and I wanted to make sure I got it right the first time. Bud knows his stuff and he keeps things simple. He'll try to use your experience in other sports and relate it to a golf swing. He's patient, logical, and spots mistakes right away. He gives you the tools to get better and it is up to you to execute what he is preaching. Best of all, he's a good guy and he genuinely loves golf and teaching.

Preetam Narisetty 2013     (YP.com)

Great golf clinic with Bud, he will teach you the techniques that will get you out of trouble in any situation at the golf course. Pay attention to the forward, down, out aka the 3-dimensional swing. Very important techniques for all levels of golfers. He will show you videos as well of pro-golfers and the importance to swing on the plane. Great lesson overall.

Sebastian V. 2015     (Yelp)

Bud Menger
USGTF Certified Teaching Professional - Lic # 2507
Golf Instruction in Morris County NJGolf Instruction in Essex County NJGolf Instruction in Pompton Plains NJ
Bud offers golf lessons in Passaic County NJ. He also offers golf lessons in Morris County NJ. Anyone interested in golf lessons in Passaic County NJ or golf lessons in Morris County NJ can contact Bud through his website. Bud has been giving golf lessons in Passaic County NJ for the last 18 years. He has also offered golf lessons in Morris County NJ for the last 18 years. I have also conducted golf lessons in Wayne NJ. Bud has been teaching at Golf 23 Range for the last 4 seasons. Golf 23 Range is located in Pompton Plains NJ.